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How to make custody of grandson

How to make custody of grandson

Marking - form of family unit for young children who, for whatever reasons, without parental care and disabled citizens who have reached the age of majority.

The guardian does not only take care of the health,property of the ward, his upbringing and education, but also carries on its behalf all transactions that the ward is unable to fulfill themselves.



The need for care may arise registrationin respect of a minor child (under 14 years), and in relation to an adult who has been declared incapacitated and can not make their own its existence.


Know that custody above a child may be placed in those caseswhen a child is left without parental care. Such cases include the death of parents, deprivation (total or partial) of their parental rights, recognition of parents incapable. Marking can be set in cases where the child's parents are seriously ill physically, which limits the performance of their parental responsibilities. In these cases, a guardian can be a grandparent of the child. custody above adult person can be established only if found incompetent in accordance with the law.


For registration please contact your local guardianship authoritycustody and guardianship with the package of documents required for the procedure. The package of documents includes the conclusion of the medical commission, which confirms the possibility of the candidate for the physical and mental state to act as guardian. Please note that if you have a disability or limitation of capacity for work (occupational disease), you have the right to refuse.


Prepare your CV, features: from the place of work and place of residence, proof of monthly income, consent to the care of each family member of the candidate over the age of 10 years, the document that contains detailed information about the living conditions.


The guardianship authority, you will be asked to writestatement, which shall be considered within 30 days, after which a decision is made on the registration of guardianship. When making a decision, the guardianship authority is considering a complete list of factors that affect the ability to perform duties of a candidate for a guardian, including the moral qualities of the candidate and the desire of the ward.

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