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How to make a book

How to make a book

Writing the book, do not forget about it the correct feed reader.

Making your manuscript - one of the most important processes affecting both the perception of the audience of a point, and the sale of your product.

Selecting the name of the book

As one of the greatest copywriters in the world, advertising guru David Ogilvy: "Headline read five times more likely than text."
This is a well-known case, showing how muchit is important to give the "correct" the name of his book. Napoleon Hill, who spent more than 10 years interviewing the richest people in the world, finally published his work and the edition appeared on the shelves of bookstores. The book was interesting, its content is in demand, but no one wanted to read it. It turned out, it's in the title. It had only to change the name to "Think and Grow Rich", and the book became a bestseller.
Today, the author has a lot of options fortesting and identification of the most successful titles of his book. You can simply allocate a small budget for contextual advertising Yandex or Google.Adwords (enough 500 -. 1000 rubles), select 10 favorite names and options to arrange some kind of "competition" between them. After that, everything is very simple: which ad gets more clicks, the name, and can be safely used for his book.

Cover, illustrations

On the cover of the book it is important not to miscalculate. If you are not the author of the popular, people will be interested in how the book looks, if combined with the cover, as described in. Bright, motley cover certainly will stand out on the counter, among other books, but it is important not to overdo it. The diversity can both attract attention and push their obsession.
The same applies to illustrations. Solid text is difficult to read. Add a picture, photo or comic, associated with your thoughts, you will involve even more human in the process of reading. The illustrations in the book of art will significantly improve the perception of the narrative.

Please note that not all readers will learn the book first. Let's take an alternative way of reading.

Photos can be inexpensive to buy microstock(Shutterstock.com - one of the richest optional). Find artist can be at the popular market (on fl.ru you will find many who want to work for you) to create unique images. You can even announce a competition for the best illustration of your book. And you get a number of different jobs, from which will be able to select the best for your future reader.

Typography and text design

Novice is difficult to correctly mark up a document - it is better to give it directly to one of the freelance exchanges.

To make better use of special text publishing program. For example, LaTex.

If you want to do everything yourself, follow a few simple rules that will significantly improve the design of your book:
1. The first lines of paragraphs should not "sag", ie start at the end of the page.
2. The header and footer should be the author's name. It's not really like the readers.
3. Select the main text for a serif font. The paper editions of this text is perceived better.

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