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How to book a hotel in Sochi for the Olympics in 2014

How to book a hotel in Sochi for the Olympics in 2014

Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 promises to be an unforgettable event for the whole world, so many people from different countries dream of seeing it in person.

To be among the lucky ones, you need to pre-book a hotel in the vicinity of Sochi or to provide themselves with other housing for the duration of the Olympics.

Features of the hotel selection

First of all, define the parameters by whichyou will choose the hotel in order to avoid various unpleasant surprises. See how the hotel away from the sports venues, transport links, entertainment and shopping areas of Communications, etc. Find out the condition of the furniture and bathroom in the room, a view from the windows, whether included in the price meals if the services are childcare and organizing various recreational activities.

The Russian government has limited the price of renthotel rooms for the duration of the Olympics. At the cost of a room will affect the hotel category, as well as the comfort of the rooms. The cost of luxury rooms in five-star hotels will be 13 896 rubles a day, accommodation in other categories will be up at a cost of up to 10 569 rubles. Non-luxury in a four star hotel will cost 13,148 rubles.

Cheaper accommodation can be found in hotels of threestars or less, as well as mini-hotels. Standard rooms will cost 4339 rubles. When choosing a hotel, a defining moment for you will be lower prices, we must remember that cheap private hotels offer you a minimum of services, therefore please think of the catering and leisure. Most hotels already have their own websites, where you can explore the catalogs prices and rates, as well as to stay, leaving the application or contact the call-center operator.

Famous city hotels

Those who are not on a tight budget, you should payattention to such level hotels 4 and 5 stars, as "Adelphia Resort Hotel", "Villa Anna", "Sochi-Magnolia», Radisson SAS Lazurnaya, «Marines Park Hotel", etc. All have their own web sites describing a range of services and the possibility to book a room in advance. They are able to satisfy the wishes of even the discerning guests.

Among the cheaper categories can be reversedattention to such hotels as "Breeze", "Nairi", "Burnt by the Sun", "Moscow", "Katyusha" and others. Here, guests are also given a high enough level of comfort, food, leisure, care of clothing.

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