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How to make a car when buying

How to make a car when buying

The car has long ceased to be a luxury item.

Every day, hundreds of cars sold in Russia, both new and supported.

To buy only brought joy to every future car owner should advance to learn the rules of registration of the car upon purchase.



If you bought a car, has just descended fromconveyor, its design should start with checking the correctness of filling the vehicle registration documents. With a special focus on the reconciliation of numbers of all units that are registered in it.


To put the car purchased on the account, youYou will need to prepare the package of necessary documents, which will be given to you in the showroom. Also, you will need to issue MTPL policy. To save time, you can do it in the same showroom, where to buy a car.


After paying the state fee for the statement onregistration records, you can submit collected documents for registration of the purchased vehicle. To avoid tedious queues, use the pre-recorded through Gosuslugi.ru portal.


If you purchased a car with the hands, to startmake a contract of sale. When you purchase a supported machine in the showroom you will need to issue a certificate account. All data contract or help to fill in the account of the vehicle passport and after the old owner of the car will remove him from the register, you can go to the traffic police for registration.


For registration of the vehicle supportedmeans you should be prepared to provide documents such as vehicle registration document, a passport, a contract of sale or an extract account, CTP insurance policy and proof of payment of the state duty for registration. For registration of second-hand vehicles imported from abroad, in addition to these documents, you will need to provide a copy of the cargo customs declaration.


If you want to keep the old number, ifvehicle registration write an application to the MROE. At the same time, remember that you can keep the old number only in those cases, if license plate is detected scuffs, dents, chips and other defects.


Before setting up the registration will need to govehicle inspection, during which the inspector registration authority will need to check the numbers on the back of the engine and the vehicle for compliance with the numbers prescribed in the passport.

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