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Bolero: fashionable detail of the wardrobe


In the current fashion, the concept of the bolero is somewhat blurry: the so-called shortened jacket or a sleeveless jacket. It can be either with a clasp, or without, knitted, knitted or made of fabric.

Bolero, crocheted, looks very gentle.

In the fashionable wardrobe bolero came from Spain. Originally it was a skillfully embroidered black or colored tank top, and it was worn by only men. But the "coryphaeuses of fashion", such as Chanel, Gucci, Pollini introduced the bolero into modern sets of clothing, especially women's. And they were right! This small detail allows you to elegantly complete a stylish image and give a special charm. Now bolero has "got" sleeves and sleeves of all possible length, style and width.

With what to wear a bolero

Correctly selected bolero will be idealCombined with a smart dress, and with everyday clothes. However, it is worth paying attention to the texture of the main attire and jacket: they should not be too contrasting with each other. So, do not wear a lace bolero with jeans or a short "rocker" jacket to the flowing evening dress. Although ... who knows, maybe it is you who will find a new design solution!

Do not be afraid to combine and experiment: Choose belts and belts, shoes of various styles and directions, glasses, ornaments, headgear and other accessories to boleros. Remember that the bolero can be a part of the costume, or an accent piece.

With what you can not wear a bolero

But, despite its universality, for the boleroThere are still limitations. It is not categorically combined with dense and voluminous sweaters and jumpers, classic ladies' white blouses (do not confuse with white shirts in the "masculine" style - they are just like designed to be worn with bolero!).

It is unlikely that a good ensemble will turn out, if you suddenlyDecide to wear bolero with rubber boots or slap-slates. It is not necessary to select too large bags for this part of the wardrobe, as well as unnecessarily bright decorations - in fact the bolero itself creates an original accent of the ensemble, and if there are other details distracting attention, it will be "lost".

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