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boiserie panel

The decoration of the walls with wood panelingwith an elegant name "boiserie" (translated literally from French bois - Wood), add magic to any interior a luxurious French style of past centuries.

The idea of ​​decorating the walls of the tree occurredmasters of ancient Egypt, designed the chambers of the Pharaohs, and in the enlightened Europe, a similar decor was one of the features of the Palace of Versailles. The panels were covered with magnificent paintings and carvings, a variety of decorative elements with gold. Exclusivity of this design spoke of the highest status of the owner of the house, it belongs to the elite circles of society and a solid financial position.

Today, the use of panels boiserie consideredone of the notable attributes of expensive classic interior, be it living room, office or bedroom. Versatility, durability and the natural warmth of natural materials, in alliance with a fantastically beautiful design makes the decoration boiserie one of the most prestigious forms of design. Of course, the price of such a design would be much higher than the "attractiveness" faceless plastic, but the impression that the interior will produce on others, it is worth the money invested in it. In addition, the wood paneling is very durable, resistant to external influences and are environmentally friendly, and it is possible that the situation at home, made with boiserie, will become a relic of the family and wealth for many generations.

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