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Body mask with clay and cinnamon


The clay used in the preparation of domestic cosmetics for face, body and hair.

It has a powerful antiseptic, removes dead cells, improves skin tone and improves metabolic processes in the tissues.

Clay tightens the skin and promotescellulite prevention. Cinnamon enhances blood circulation, which promotes lipolysis, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, used as a scrub.
Body mask with clay and cinnamon
White or blue clay - 100 g (as powder).
Cinnamon - 3 tbsp. spoon.
few drops of essential oils can be added if desired.
All components are mixed with water to a consistency ofsour cream and put on a body with a brush. Time exposure mask - about 20 minutes to dry the composition. Then, the mask should be washed off with warm water, without stretching the skin. After apply a moisturizing cream or cellulite body gel. The procedure is recommended once a week.
Contraindications are individual intolerance components in skin diseases is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

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