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How to block unwanted calls

How to block unwanted calls

Block unwanted calls on yourthe mobile phone can be using this convenient service, as the "Black List". By the way, it avoids not only incoming calls, and messages (both SMS and MMS).

True, there is one limitation: use of the service is available only to subscribers of telecom operator "MegaFon" and the brand Nokia phone owners.



In order to be able to blocka phone number, that is, all calls and messages received from it, you must first activate the black list, and then make it the number itself. Make a connection to the service is easy and simple: you can, for example, to dial the phone number provided by the keyboard of USSD-request * 130 # and press the Call button. In addition, the operator offers its subscribers to take advantage of the information service and short number 0500. If you are in your home network the call will be free.

Activate the "Black List" is possible and with the help ofSMS-messages sent do not need to specify the number 5130. Text. After receiving the request operator to your mobile phone will receive 2 SMS. In the first the company will notify the subscriber of the service order, and in the second - on its status (whether it was connected or not). Once you make sure that the black list is really activated, you can start editing it.


Write the name in the list is also notdifficult. To edit it, use USSD-request to number & nbsp- * 130 * + 79XXXXXXXXX #. However, there is another way, it is specifically designed for those who are more comfortable, for example, send a text message. The text of the SMS is only required to specify the + sign and the number of blocked caller. By the way, we should not forget about the fact that every number in the list made by you must indicate in a single ten-digit format (79xxxxxxxx).


At entering any room for error forWipe off with a special command & nbsp- * 130 * 079XXXXXXXXX # or send another message to the operator, but this time instead of the plus enter minus sign. This is not the only way that can be used to purify the black list. At your service at any time, request & nbsp- * 130 * 6 #. It allows a single action to clear the entire list at once.


If you - the owner of the phone company Nokia,connect the black list of the operator you do not need. You need only to download the program with the appropriate name and install it on your mobile. Then you will only make the required number of rooms in the list. No you do not need a special activation and payment.

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