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How to block phone

How to block phone

Our life is full of surprises, unfortunately, not always pleasant.

What to do if you had stolen a cell phone or you just lost it?

If this happened the first time, the man is lost and does not know what actions it should take.

This short guide will help to protect yourself from losing money (if the phone bill had a decent amount), learn how to lock your phone and make it easier to the police search.

You will need

  • Communications operator, phone



First of all, you need to call your service provider, to talk about what had happened and ask to block your SIM card. After that, calls from your phoneand it becomes impossible. Book your operator identification of all calls from your phoneand for the last time. Printout of calls can help find the attacker.


Each operator has a special number to which calls should be in such cases. That number Russia's most popular operators:
Megaphone - 0500-
MTS - 0890-
Beeline - 0611-
You can call and urban phoneA customer support center number in your area to find out the official website of the company.

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Next step - find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Usually it is on the box, which was sold phone. Having IMEI hands, go to the nearest police station to write a statement about the loss or loss. Knowing your IMEI phoneA mobile operator can easily install itlocation as soon as it will insert a new SIM card and make the call. Cellular operators are cooperating only with the police, so try to have issued a statement, then there is hope that phone found and returned to the owner.

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