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PARTY PARQUET: professional advice


Piece parquet - a slat of a single piece of wood, the thickness of which varies from 15 to 22 mm, and the width of 40 to 75 mm.

The parts are joined together by crests and grooves.

Today, the parquet is again in vogue, the masters create real pictures of wood, combining plaques by color, texture, size.

Its history begins in the XVI-XVIII centuries,Then no palace could not do without it, parquet was considered a sign of luxury. The very name "parqet" appeared in France, where this flooring had a special popularity. The best creations that have survived to this day can be seen in the Louvre and Versailles. In Russia, parquet was widely used by the 18th century, then large-scale construction of palaces began.

The most commonly used varieties of wood for making parquet: oak, ash, beech.

From a natural tree it is made both a parquet board and a massive, and a piece parquet. But for a common laminate is often used and artificial elements.

Properties of parquet

Piece parquet has such properties as:
- durability, to which the proof is the preserved floors in the French palaces,
- a variety of colors,
- different patterns of laying, from simple Christmas trees and squares to complex artistic styles,
- high strength and durability,
- excellent sound insulation, and unlike laminate - the lack of characteristic sounds when walking,
- ecological compatibility - the parquet consists of natural materials,
- does not collect dust,
- there is no slip,
- good thermal insulation, the floor is warm in any weather.

Unlike parquet glued, piece is consideredVery resistant and durable. He is stacked more often by drawing, and, if you give preference to long slats, they will visually expand the room, and short ones will make cozy. Small slats do not require long drying after laying, if you decide to work with large parts, be prepared to leave the coating for a couple of days at rest. The installation of both small and large planks is painstaking and time-consuming.

However, the laying of parquet begins with preparationSurface: leveling and screed. And the preparation does not often last for weeks, otherwise the parquet will "walk". The technology of stacking the package does not change for centuries, the plywood is laid on the screed, and the slats are already fastened to it by the given pattern.

Layed and fastened plaques should "stand"A week, after which the master will polish them. In general, grinding is a part of the parquet care process, and therefore it is not worthwhile to take plaques of small thickness when buying plakh. Their cost, of course, is lower, but they do not last long, because in a couple of years you again with your own hands remove the top layer of the tree and make the coating even thinner.

Properties of piece parquet

Oak parquet is considered very strong and hasGolden color. It is resistant to external influences. The texture of the tree is poured into the light, which creates a relief effect. Such a floor covering requires only a wet cleaning.

Parquet from beech has a pink, cold shade, is also very durable.

Parquet from hornbeam and ash is almost white, because it is rarely used, but with mixed stitching you get quite interesting patterns.

But still oak parquet is considered the best, Krasnodar Oak is most often used. It, depending on the season, changes color from light golden to more saturated.

Mixed oak parquet is quite inexpensive, because it does not require sorting. It gets the most buyers.

If the floors have lost their former appearance over time, theirCan easily be restored. Grind the upper layers of the parquet, depending on how badly the floor is damaged, and then re-varnished. It is recommended to re-coat with lacquer once every three or four years.

So, if you want to make floors in your house,Beautiful, cozy and warm it is worth paying attention to piece parquet. Ecologically clean and natural coating, it looks respectable and expensive, will last for more than a decade and will please the eye.

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