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How to block a computer


How to block a computer</a>

If your computer is located in a place whereAccess to it is possible on the part of unwanted people, and turning it on and off each time you do not allow a rhythm of work, then you should learn how to lock the computer, leaving the workplace.

Fortunately, this is not difficult.



Every time getting up from the table, just pressOn the keyboard a combination of WIN keys (this is a key with a windows symbol drawn on it, pressing "Start" menu) and "L". After that, the computer is locked and access to it becomes possible only after entering the user's password.


If you want the computer to be blockedAutomatically, then open the properties of the screen, go to the "splash" tab and tick the item "Password protection". Now after some time of inactivity, when the system turns on the splash screen, you can continue to work again, again, only after entering the password.

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