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Black and white wallpaper in the interior - for thrill

Black and white wallpaper - daring combination, use that not everyone will be decided in the design of the walls.

Before you take a risk and to paste over the wall in black and white, you should carefully consider the entire design, taking into account characteristics of the premises and its main purpose.

And, processing room diametrically opposite colors, it is very important to avoid the creation of dark and breech environment devoid of comfort and an atmosphere of comfort.

Things to consider when choosing a black and white wallpaper

The interior in black and white should begin by deciding what kind of color will dominate: black or white. An important role is played by the size of the room.

Remember: white color has the ability to visually expand the space, but the black, on the contrary, to make the space less like narrowing it. A prime example here can serve as a wall of a small-sized room pasted over black wallpaper with a subtle white pattern. This design, with misplaced accents, can transform an entire room in his cell.

Separately should be said about the atmosphere thatgenerates each of the colors. So, the white wallpaper is added interior "cool", but black walls, on the contrary, give the room a "warmth" and a certain mystique.

If your wallpaper pattern prevails isblack color, it will give the interior an atmosphere of security, which is ideal for the office. In addition, the calm black and white combination in the design of the walls will help to focus on the job. With regard to the design interior bedroom, in this embodiment, the monochrome wallpaper will fill the room mystery, the magic generated by the tandem of black and white combination.

Black and white wallpaper in the interior - this is the actual minimalism, which is always in fashion.

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The simplicity and naturalness of the black and white combination

Contrast monochrome combinations in the design of the walls is so versatile that it can be successfully used for design of any room, whether it is a corridor, a kitchen or living room, study or bedroom.

Black and white wallpaper look great insmall rooms, and in the interior of a very large rooms. The most important thing here - to choose the right color ratio to emphasize strengths and hide your flaws rooms.

Thus, the thin black line pattern on a light backgroundwell complement the interior of even a small room. But the white figure on the basis of a dark room will create a glamorous and intimate atmosphere, which is suitable for the decoration of a spacious hall.

Ideal for high space - wallpaperequal proportions of black and white. But in the interior of the small apartment this type of wallpaper can be used only in a small area in the center of the wall as a decorative background.

In addition, modern design offers a newtrend - monochrome wallpapers for interior design in high-tech style. Urban or wallpapers in industrial style living room will be the perfect complement.

A wallpaper that looked smooth and easily glued, experts recommend the use of Non-woven adhesive, which is developed by special technology and is applied only on the wall.

To maintain the mysterious appearance of the interior, decorated with black light wallpaper pattern, be sure to use decorative elements in a dark color.

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Black and white walls - a choice of bold and creativedesigners who are not afraid to give the interior a dark and depressing views. Properly combining black wallpaper with bright furniture, in the interior you can achieve perfection.

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