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Biozavivka: give a wave!

Biowave: give a wave!

Curls or waves - one of the most popular hair styling at all times.

Girls use curlers, curling irons, various chemical means to attain such a coveted curls.

However, the alternative to this way has become more gentle biozavivka.

Biozavivka also called the amino acid perm,because in part the means by which the procedure takes place is contained tsistiamin - cystine protein. By integrating into the hair, it allows you to experiment with the form, not affecting the molecular bonds. Theoretically biozavivka does not involve the use of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. However, in practice there are nuances. This method is suitable only to owners of fine hair. Harmless perm - a myth. Chemical treatment somehow destroys the hair, however, biozavivka prevents loss of moisture and the formation of split ends. Hair becomes bulkier, more obedient than before. Top aides of this method are curling gels and syvorotki.Eti funds should be applied to wet hair, they are textured curls. Before going to the salon must be prepared hair. So, if they are colored, bleached by the sun, it looks dull, for a couple of weeks before the start of the procedure to moisturize. This can be done using masks with ceramides, proteins, mineral complexes. Reduced hair structure Good oil-based mask. Once you become the owner of curly hair, get a shampoo, it is caring for a head of hair. It is best if the agent does not contain sulfate. Well help moisturize the hair serum, ampoule, mask. The effect of biozavivki lasts up to 10 months. The larger the wrapping, the faster the hair will become straight again. Coming off it slowly, keeping the attractiveness of placing. The procedure can be repeated.

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