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How to tie the card to Yandex Money

How to tie the card to Yandex Money

Use e-wallets today is very beneficial. If you are in the Yandex.Money service, you can pay for purchases from home easily.

Also, you will not be difficult to bind the bank card to the electronic purse Yandex.

Advantages of the card reference to Yandex

Snap a bank card to the purse Yandex.The money you can for free. After linking, you can not only pay for the service Yandex services, but also to make any purchases at various online stores. The big plus is the lack of binding maps of the commission when paying by credit card.

One account in Yandex can have only one tied a bank card, which was released in Russia, Israel or any CIS country.

Tying the bank card to the electronic walletsystem, you can significantly save time on recharge Yandex purse. Deposit account without any commission will also be a nice bonus system users. Use the attached credit card you will be able to purchase goods in any online store, bringing the purchase price immediately.

What you need to bind the card to the electronic wallet

It should be remembered that not every online shop supports payment tied to a credit card.

In order to bind to the cardpurse in Yandex, you will need to have a bank card Visa or MasterCard, to know the card number, expiry date and CVV / CVC-codes. On your card services, Internet and SMS-banking should be included, as well as Internet acquiring.
If you do not have accurate information about these services, the better cards before binding to call the bank and to clarify everything.

The process of binding a bank card to the wallet Yandex

First you will need to log into the system Yandex.Money under the login that was issued to you at the time of registration. After that, you will need to specify - if you can get the information as quickly as possible about all the operations performed by credit card. Then you should open a special page where you can tie the card to the electronic wallet. You must confirm the binding of its bank card using a password (also issued at the time of registration). On the next page you will need to enter all the data of your credit card.

You can not transfer funds to the wallets of users Yandex with its attached credit card.

If you're after a data entry came to the site of yourBank means all the operations with the means you can make only with 3D Secure. In this case, you will need to drive a password that you were given in the bank - only with this password you will be able to confirm all payments made by card.
When all is done right on yourmap freeze a small amount (typically about 10 rubles). You will have 3 hours to call or come to the bank and get information about the exact amount. Entering it in these terms, you activate the card binding.


If you are at the time of the transaction at anchorcard accidentally close the page or the browser itself - do not worry. Going again to your account in Yandex, to the left you will see the section "Incomplete." Clicking on this option, you will be able to continue to bind the card to the electronic wallet.

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