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How to bind a bank card to paypal

By PayPal account, you can add the number of cards neogrnichennoe

PayPal - intermediary payment system on the Internet.

With its help, you can pay for purchases without disclosing information on the payment card. Tying bank card account to PayPal, if paid enough to only activate the account in the payment system.

You can link to the account of one or more cards, the same way increasing the payment limit.


Sign in to your account PayPal. On your account's main page, you will see two menu bars. At the bottom of the menu, find the section Profile. Place your mouse cursor on it, and in the drop-down list, select the row Add or Edit Bank Card.
You will be on your card page alreadylinked to the account. Click on the Add a Card button. On the new page, the service will notify you about which cards you can add to your account. Also, he will inform you, the currency in which the transaction will be displayed.

The account owner from Russia can attach only Russian bank cards and make payments only in rubles.

Next, enter the card information and other necessary data.
Fill in with the name (First name) and last name(Last name). In the drop-down Card Type field list, select the type of card: Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. You will then need to enter the card number (Card Number), expiration date (Expiration Date) in the format of mm / yy (mm / yy), the last three digits on the back of the card (CSC).
Enter in the field Billing Address section of your home address, or use the already previously entered information:
Street, building, apartment - street, house, apartment,
Center of population - village,
District, region - edge of the area,
Postal Code - Postal Code.
Press the yellow Add Card button. Within 2-4 business days on the map it will be frozen an amount equal to about 1 dollar. The Bank informs about this on mobile, if you have the service "mobile banking". It checks the validity of the card. The amount will be refunded to the account of PayPal, as soon as you confirm the card. To do this will need to log back into your account and enter the three-digit code of the operation of the account statement.
After confirmation of the card you will be taken to a listtheir card in your account. Using the Edit button you can change the information on the map. This may be necessary if the card is extended Expiry.
If the list is more than one card, one card acquiring the status of the primary. When shopping information will be read out in the first place with this card.

On the other hand the additional card you can see the line Make Primary. You can make additional main card using this line.

Additional security measures

It is also possible to increase the safety of using the optionLogin Required. Then the service when making each purchase card will display the login screen of the payment system account. For security purposes, a bank card service lets you associate with only one account PayPal. However, you can write or call the help desk to change this situation.

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