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BIG drinkers

Big drinkers

For all necessary elements of the power plant water is a must. It is a water soluble form of power supplied to the roots.

Plant requirement to moisture for a period of growth and development is not the same.



All of our garden plants for water consumption can be divided into several groups.
The biggest vodohlёby-lovers - it sprouts,cucumber, radishes, lettuce, fennel, spinach, celery. They are most in need of abundant and regular watering. To extract the water they do not know how, but very much it costs. The root system is shallow, they surface. That is why we must always maintain the planting of these crops in the wet state to obtain a good harvest.


The second group - garlic and onions.They do not themselves extract water, but spend it sparingly. Accordingly, the roots of the onion group too superficial. They do not need regular watering, they need water in the first half of the growing season to score a lot of green. That is why it is not necessary to water the onion and garlic for a month before harvest.


The third group - turnips and beets. Good drink, but not spend sparingly. Turnips and beets require mandatory watering in dry weather, otherwise they are often damaged by pests. In the hot summer can not allow the leaves have withered.


The fourth group - carrots, parsley, pepper, tomato, squash, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe. This vegetable extracts a group of well water and uses it sparingly. Therefore, watering sparingly, do not fill them beyond measure

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