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BEST step-by-step strategies for war


Best turn-based strategies for war</a>

Computer games are developing every year.

The exception is not made by representatives of the popular genre - turn-based military strategies.

Gamers can feel like soldiers and generals in virtual reality.

The Second World War

The Second World War is the most destructiveHistory of mankind. It affected most of the then existing states. Not surprisingly, there are dozens of strategies based on the Second World War.
Call of Duty 2 became one of the most cashStrategies in the history of games. The gamer is given the opportunity to play for a representative of the Allied army - a Soviet infantryman, an English tanker or an American paratrooper. Accordingly, you can visit the Battle of Stalingrad (the most bloody battle in the whole world history), the battle for Tunis (Africa) and cross the Rhine. German, Japanese and Italian troops are desperately fighting on land, sea and air - the task of a gamer to repel their threats and save the world.
The game Order of War - turn-based tank strategy. Unlike Call of Duty, it allows you to fight both for the tankers of the Allies and for the Axis army. A realistic game engine gives an unforgettable experience of the game. Soldiers do not have first-aid kits and an "indicator of life," which makes virtual reality even more interesting.

Ancient battles

The war for domination in Asia Minor found itsThe reflection is not only in Homer's Odyssey. Turn-based strategy Battle for Troy ("Battle for Troy") has artificial intelligence (AI) of high level, which makes the passage really fascinating. In Battle for Troy, you can play both for Greece and for Troy-not forgetting in the strategy the love stories and cunning Menelaus (including the famous "Trojan Horse").
Turn-based strategy "Borodino: Science to Win, released in 2001 by 1C, remains an unrivaled example of the reconstruction of historical events. Some levels can be traced only with an ideally chosen tactic. The creation of a distribution of huntsmen, grenadiers and cuirassiers against hordes of Napoleon Bonaparte will not leave indifferent patriots and fans of intellectual games.


The Battlefield series stands apart from the restTurn-based military strategies. She survived dozens of additions, versions and reissues, millions of gamers are "fighting" on the main Battlefield.net server. Battlefield pleases fans of military strategies with an extensive arsenal and a variety of battlegrounds. All battles take place in the present or future time. Characters can receive unique uniforms, up to protective nanosuits.

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