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BEST psychological thrillers


The best psychological thrillers</a>

A large number of films really deserve the attention of viewers. There are pictures that can leave a mark in people's memory.

To such tapes it is impossible to carry light romantic comedies or melodramas.

But the thrillers that affect the psyche of the viewer, quite fit this category.

"Silence of the Lambs"

The inhabitants of the Midwest of America are terrified. An unknown maniac kills young girls. Investigating the crime is taken by the agent Clarissa Sterling. She has to face the imprisoned doctor Hannibal Lecter, who is able to help the investigation.

The doctor is serving life imprisonment forcannibalism. He agrees to help the agent, but only if she tells him the details of her life. Clarissa enters with ambiguous relations with Hannibal, and their conversations lead to an internal conflict in the woman's soul.

"Shutter Island"

On the island of Massachusetts arrive twoBailiffs. From the clinic for the mentally ill, which is located on this island, one patient disappears mysteriously. Two men begin to investigate this case, during which they face a riot of patients and an incredible web of lies.


Writer Jack Torrens with his son and wife comes toSecluded elegant hotel. He works as a caretaker and continues to write his books. But the empty hotel starts to drive him crazy. Jack is no longer sure that he came here for the first time.

"Sixth Sense"

Malcolm Crowe works as a child psychiatrist. His new patient, nine-year-old Cole, is subject to strange visions. The boy is visited by the ghosts of dead people who were brutally murdered. All these ghosts are very angry, they bring their anger to Cole.

Crow wants to help the patient, but as a doctor he is powerless. Despite this, Malcolm will try to understand the horrific world of Cole, feeling the breath of death and the pain of pain.

"Emergency call"

Jordan Turner works as an operator in the serviceOf salvation 911. Once a young woman fails to save a girl from a maniac who has penetrated into her house. She makes a mistake - makes a call to this girl. The maniac finds his victim and kills.

Jordan is tortured with conscience all the time. After some time, the call center receives an alarming call from the girl the maniac is hunting for. The main character must cope with her nightmares and help the teenager.


William Somerset is one of the best detectives inAmerica. Soon he must retire. A week before the well-deserved rest, the detective falls into trouble. There is a very sophisticated murder that only Somerset can reveal, in addition, the detective has a young and hot partner Mills.

William realizes that a maniac kills his victimsFor the mortal sins committed by them. The detective has to make an important choice: retire and give this difficult case to the young Mills, or go back to work and find the killer.

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