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BEST premium tanks in the game World of Tanks


The best premium tanks in the game World of Tanks</a>

Many people want to buy a prem-tank: to earn credits, raise statistics.

Therefore, all are concerned with one question: which prem-tank to choose?

I'll talk about the best tanks in my series: for the farm, for raising statistics and just for fun.

The best premium tank for raising statistics and efficiency in the game is Type 59
In due time developers have entered this tank, andAfter a while they grabbed his head - he just flooded himself with almost all the battles of the 8th level. Players immediately realized that the average tank of level 8, with armor almost like a T-54, good dynamics, a decent gun and a lower level of combat - it's much better than any analogues. Type 59 is practically not afraid of tanks of its level, and from long distances or when playing through the tower can pull out heavy tanks of 8th and 9th level.
Of the minor disadvantages can be noted aboutA small ammunition and a high probability of an explosion of the ammunition. But the main disadvantage - Type 59 has long been withdrawn from free sale. However, you can still win it in some competitions from the developers.
The best premium tank for making loans is Lowe
No wonder this German tank is more expensive than the restPremium technology, because this particular tank can boast of the greatest earnings from all the tanks of the 8th level. The accurate and penetrating cannon of this tank allows us to forget about the premium shells and concentrate completely on profits, and a large amount of health and a strong gun mask allow sometimes to tank. The tank also has an excellent overview, which allows us to play sniper.
Of the minuses of the tank I will note the sad dynamics andTransmission in the forehead, from which the tank often burns. Lowe also quite often throws to the 10th levels, so you can not win at once on it - you need to know clearly: where and why you are eating.
The best premium tank for fun is PT-SAU E-25
It is this tank that is the most daring,Unusual and clockwork at its level. This PT-ACS 7th level with a weak gun, legs very high speed and small size. However, we have a weak gun, and without premium shells can not do. But the main advantage of the E-25 is its excellent dynamics and small dimensions, and therefore a high coefficient of invisibility. This allows us to occupy on the battlefield not positions that were previously only accessible to light tanks.

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