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THE BEST Songs by Led Zeppelin


Group Led Zeppelin</a>

Those whose youth fell on the 70-80th years of the twentieth century, probably remember their passion for hard rock.

One of the most popular bands of that time was the British Led Zeppelin.

Time passes, and hits remain hits.

One of the legendary rock bands of the 70s of the twentieth century- Led Zeppelin, has made its significant contribution to the treasure of hard rock hits. Remember the 10 beautiful compositions of the band, known even to those who do not classify themselves as fans of this musical style.

Most popular songs of Led Zeppelin

«Ramble On»

The song was written in 1969, on the wave of the popularity of Tolkien's novels in England. In her text we are talking about Gollum and the girl from Mordor

Journalists have not been able to find out from the group leader, Robert Plant, which girl she was referring to.

. A curious fact is that the song was never performed at concerts, except for the performance of the revived band in London in 2007.

Ten Years Gone

This song, dated 1975, sums up the decade. Plant devoted to her beloved woman.

«The Rain Song»

Connoisseurs of the history of the group claim that the song wasWritten after a meeting with George Harrison, advised to add to the repertoire of a good romantic ballad. Inspired by this idea, the musicians created the composition in just a few hours.

«Since I've Been Loving You»

A beautiful eight-minute blues track withThe third disc of the group. The recording is marked by obvious blots, which makes it "live" - ​​you can hear the creak of the pedal bass drum Bonham and the flaws of guitar solo Page.

«No Quarter»

Co-author of the song is bassist Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones, when she performed at concerts, he soloed on keyboards.

"When the Levee Breaks"
Flood of 1927, which occurred as a result ofThe Mississippi flood, inspired the musicians of Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie to create the song "When the Levee Breaks". It was her cover version that entered the fourth album Led Zeppelin (1971)

Interesting nuances related to the songs of the band

«Achilles Last Stand»

Over the recording of this song Robert Plant worked in a wheelchair - shortly before recording the album "Presence" he seriously injured his leg

Despite the injury, the singer was so active during the recording that he nearly suffered a second time.


«Whole Lotta Love»

The decoration of this song is a stunning guitar riff, one of the most famous in the history of rock music.


The creation of the text of Plant's song was inspired by the journey through the Sahara. The guitar riff in this composition has clearly oriental roots.

«Stairway to Heaven»

The most famous composition of the band is already more than 40Years, it is difficult even to calculate how many times it sounded in radio air. The musicians themselves admit that they do not like to perform it at concerts, but, nevertheless, it was sounded at the concert of the reunited group in London in 2007.

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