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BEST cream after 30 years

The best face cream after 30 years

Skin care depends not only on its type, but also on the age of the woman.

It is important to choose quality cosmetics labeled the corresponding number, which includes nourishing and moisturizing substances.

It is this cream can provide proper care and protection of the skin.

The sooner you start taking care of your skin,the better it is far easier to push back the appearance of wrinkles at a later time, rather than fight with the already existing ones. In thirty years should ensure the facial skin nutrition and hydration to it as long as possible look young and healthy. It is not necessary at this age to apply makeup with hormones and biostimulants without a prescription. Average quality cream will be enough.

Best Day Cream

Young women often use the samecream in the morning and in the evening or at all limited to the early morning departure. For the young and healthy skin, this moisture may be sufficient, but after thirty years, it is desirable to get a separate day and night cream. The main function of a day cream - moisturizing and protection. Note the label, which is provided with a jar. Well, if it among the ingredients appear on hyaluronic acid, glycerin, collagen, elastin, vitamin F. If you have oily skin prone to acne or blackheads, well, when in your moisturizers chamomile is present, aloe, yarrow, propolis , nettle, tea tree oil. These ingredients soothe and disinfect the skin.
The environment has an impact on the delicateskin, and a good cream should be able to resist him. If you plan to use the tool in the spring, summer or early autumn, choose a cream that protects against ultraviolet radiation. The sun ages the skin, depriving it of life-giving water, so a high SPF-factor is one of the prerequisites for its full protection. Winter is the cream should protect skin from frost and strong wind.

What should be a good night cream

While the main function of a day cream -This moisturizing and protection, night cream is to nourish and restore the skin. Well, if your facility will include fruit acids - malic, citric, lactic, glycolic. These materials soften and remove dead skin particles, but unlike scrubs make it soft and will not damage the delicate skin. It is also desirable that the night cream contains vitamin A (retinol), as well as vegetable oils and extracts, skin calming. Dermatologists recommend using a cream with fruit acids exclusively in winter, late autumn and early spring, while the sun is not too active. The acids increase skin sensitivity to UV radiation that can cause burns.

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