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BEST pictures of Chagall


In the film "Above the City" Chagall displayed his favorite plot</a>

Mark Zakharovich Shagal, born in the RussianEmpire in 1887, became famous as an artist of early modernism. Critics called Chagall "the last survivor of the first generation of European modernists."

Inspiration artist drew on trips. During his life he visited France, America, Germany and Russia.

This way of life inspired Chagall, helping him develop a special style of painting.

Thanks to this style, Picasso considered him the last artist who understood what color is.

The best pictures of Chagall brought him world fame. Now they are in the most famous museums in the world and private collections.

"I and the Village", 1911

Memories of childhood in this pictureAre presented in the form of a puzzle. Images of objects, people and animals are broken up into separate fragments, mixed together, superimposed on each other and collected in a random order. This style of painting is typical for works of Cubism. Bright colors create a contrast of red, green and blue. The picture presents several perspectives and focal points. The symbolism of the work is reflected in the cross on the chest of a man, hinting that this character is a Christian. Three circles are the orbits of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. The canvas shows the relationship of man, animal and plant life. The significance of the picture for world culture lies in the combination of elements of Eastern European folklore, semiotic symbols (for example, the Tree of Life) and a bizarre style that was considered revolutionary in the era of Chagall. The painting is currently in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA.

Portrait of Love

The painting "Birthday" was written by Chagall in1915 year. On the canvas, the artist and his beloved Bella are depicted. The work was created a few weeks before their wedding. This bright and amazing creation captures and conveys a feeling of love euphoria.
Lovers fly in the air in a whirlwind of grace,Rushing to the window. From each square centimeter of the canvas, a stream of happiness pours out onto the viewer. This is one of the favorite scenes of the artist - he and his wife Bella, soaring in the air. The work is in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Fiddler, 1913

This painting was painted by the artist while in France. In the oil painting, executed in the style of quasi-cubism, symbolically reflected the key moments of human life: birth, wedding, death. The violinist pictured in the painting is an ordinary musician and a symbolic figure whose music accompanies the turning points of man's destiny. The painting is in the Stadelek Museum in Amsterdam, Holland.

The Bride, 1950

The painting, which is now in privateCollection in Japan, is a metaphor for the world that surrounded the artist, and his beliefs. It merged into imaginary world and reality. On a gloomy blue background, the bride dressed in red symbolizes sensuality and joy. The couple is floating on the surface of a dark river.

"Over the City", 1918

Another colorful illustration of a love lifeMark Chagall is captured in his favorite plot. Flying in the sky a couple - this is the wife of Chagall, and the picture itself sings of love in marriage. The artist and his wife are flying over Vitebsk, the city of his childhood. The work is in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

The White Crucifix, 1938

The painting depicts the suffering of Christ and the entire Jewish people. Bloody conflicts are shown with the help of burning in the fire synagogues. The original is in the Institute of Art in Chicago.

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