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BEST books about the Great Patriotic War

Best Books of the Great Patriotic War

Works of the Great Patriotic War - is a genre that unites a lot of dissimilar books.

Top military works are included in the school curriculum and in-depth study in universities.

"The Dawns Here Are Quiet" - a feat of the Soviet anti-aircraft gunner

Piercingly tragic story of Boris Vasilyevdevoted to military exploits unusual platoon, consisting of five young girls. Young anti-aircraft gunner had just finished his studies, and the war forced them to proceed to the front. Their commander is the former intelligence officer, a member of the Finnish War, harsh, but fair. During the job the girl noticed a group close to the enemy and make the decision to stop the saboteurs. However, the forces are unequal. The story was published in 1969, and it was three years later filmed. The film became one of the most beloved people in the pictures.

In 2008, the novel was filmed television series.

"Vasily Terkin" - life-affirming poem

While many works about the warfilled with tragedy, Alexander Twardowski's poem written in a light, optimistic way. Its main character - a simple soldier Vasily Terkin, humorist and joker. He looks forward to the future and never lose heart. But during the attack Terkin turns into a real fighter who does not know mercy. The first chapters of the poem began to appear in newspapers during the war, in 1942. They have gained immense popularity. Many of the soldiers admitted that passages from the "Basil Terkina" helped them to not give up and inspired faith in victory. Unlike many works of the time, Twardowski did not put in a long poem positive discussion on the Party and Stalin. Because of this, the product has received a lot of criticism from the party nomenclature.

In 1963, Twardowski published another work on the favorite of the hero - "Terkin in the world."

"War is not a woman's face" - a look from the woman

Artwork by Svetlana Aleksievich - this memoir,and documentary and artistic essays. This book has been written many years after World War II, and contains a lot of stories from the eyewitness. In the war involved both women and men - in her face were all equal. But due to the physical and psychological characteristics of women are acutely aware of the tragedy of what is happening. The book contains stories and reflections on those who took away all the war feminine essence - of-war women of nurses on the battlefield, about the wives of soldiers left with small children. There is underlined praising Soviet heroes and belittling the Germans. All described truthfully, without embellish. The tragic story of the women who survived during the war, was the first book in the series Aleksievich "Voices of Utopia."

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