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BEST books about the Great Patriotic War


The best books about the Great Patriotic War</a>

Works about the Great Patriotic War - this is a whole genre, uniting many different books.

The best military works are included in the school curriculum and are studied in depth in universities.

"And dawns here are quiet" - a feat of Soviet anti-aircraft gunners

Piercingly tragic story of Boris VasilyevIs devoted to the military feat of an unusual platoon consisting of five young girls. Young anti-aircraft gunners just finished their studies, and the war forced them to enter the front. Their commander is a former scout, a member of the Finnish war, severe but fair. In the course of the task, the girls notice an enemy group nearby and decide to stop the saboteurs. However, the forces are unequal. The story was printed in 1969, and after three years it was filmed. The film became one of the most popular in the people of paintings.

In 2008, according to the story, a television series was shot.

"Vasily Terkin" is a life-affirming poem

While many works about the warAre filled with tragedy, the poem by Alexander Tvardovsky is written in a light, optimistic vein. Its main character is a simple soldier, Vasily Terkin, a joker and a joker. He looks with hope in the future and never faint. But during the attack, Terkin turns into a real fighter, who knows no mercy. The first chapters of the poem began to appear in the newspapers during the war, in 1942. They have gained immense popularity. Many soldiers admitted that excerpts from "Vasily Terkin" helped them not to give up and instilled faith in the victory. Unlike many works of that time, Tvardovsky did not insert into the poem long positive arguments on the theme of the party and Stalin. Because of this, the work received a lot of criticism from the party nomenclature.

In 1963, Twardowski published another work about a favorite hero - "Terkin in the next world."

"The war does not have a woman's face" - a look on the part of a woman

The work of Svetlana Alexievich is also memoirs,And documentary, and artistic essays. This book was written many years after the Great Patriotic War and contains many stories from eyewitnesses. In the war, both women and men participated - in front of her face everyone was equal. But due to physical and psychological characteristics of women, the tragedy of what was happening was felt more sharply. The book collects stories and reflections on those who have taken away the entire female essence from the war - about military women, about nurses on the battlefield, about the wives of soldiers who have stayed with young children. Here there is no accentuated praise of Soviet heroes and belittling the Germans. Everything is described truthfully, without embellishment. The tragic history of women who survived the war became the first book from the cycle of Alexievich "Voices of Utopia".

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