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"BERTH for Dummies" with his own hands

"Berth for teapots" with his own hands

"Embellish" your car, and even increase its practicality it - easily.

And it does not need to lay out "a bunch" of money.

To do this you will need a welder with the "right" hands, scrap pipes, corner piece and spray paint.

Many of today's "off-road" featurestandard hitch mounted under (in the form of a square size 51h51mm.) In many place towbar mounted rear bumper protection, the common people called "mooring for Dummies." However, the prices of such protection in the stores is not "democratic". And if you have a decent welder friend, the price for such protection can be reduced significantly.

Take a tube with a diameter corresponding to your ideas of aesthetics and protection, and cut off the desired length (do not forget to weld the pipe on both sides).

Two corner weld size 500 mm square(Carefully measured is the square itself on all sides shtangeltsirkulem there and the inside of the mounting hitch under the vehicle to the square of cooked effortlessly included in the attachment, but at the same time that he's not "flounder").

We take the pipe, measure and welded to the middlethe center square (before welded to one another, do not forget Russian folk saying "Measure seven times, cut once" and repeatedly try on a pipe to the car, to the geometry being broken).

After all welded and geometric suits us, we will direct aesthetic beauty. To do this, take a can of black automotive paint, paint and wait until dry.

Paste ready to protect and fix mountingit there (you need to fix so that the defense was not close to the bumper, but at the same time, that does not protrude away from the car). And then enjoy the moral (what is individually handmade), aesthetic and practical pleasure.

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