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Bern and Geneva


What is the capital of Switzerland? Of course, Bern, every educated person will respond.

This amazing country, which occupies quite a small area has become home to the Germans and the French.

Therefore, speaking of Switzerland, always imply two capitals - Berne and Geneva.

One of the most developed European countries - Switzerland -It is known worldwide as the international financial and banking center. It is a prosperous state that the general standard of living is one of the leading places in the world. Reliable banks and most accurate clock became the symbol of this country. Switzerland is known for its cultural traditions: here every city has its own theater, and created its own symphony orchestra.
Each year, the ski resorts in the Alps hereoutdoor enthusiasts come from around the world. It is a country of literary heroes: at the Reichenbach Falls famous detective Sherlock Holmes came into mortal combat with Professor Moriarty, and Byron's Prisoner tormented in damp basements Chillon Castle.
The country is a confederation composed of 23cantons. Its inhabitants speak three languages ​​- German, French and Italian. That's why often say that this state two capitals - a symbol of the German part of the cantons, the other - the French.

Bern: administrative capital

State capital is Bern, at the same timeHe - the administrative center of the German canton. In the city are the Houses of Parliament and the Government of the country. Among the important state facilities, it is taken by the head building of the Swiss National Bank and the headquarters of the Universal Postal Union, which is a division of the United Nations. Airport and railway station connects the capital of the country with many of the capitals of the Old Continent.
City appeared in the 12th century, it quickly became a majorcommercial and military center. In the Middle Ages, the city subjugated the surrounding area. In the 18th century, the city came under French jurisdiction, but did not lose their positions of power. Since the mid-19th century, the city known as the capital of Switzerland.

Geneva: the city of international importance

Many people still believe this capital citystate. Geneva at the time yielded the palm to be the capital, but still is a major political and economic center of the Old World. Here are the important international centers - the United Nations headquarters in Europe, the organization of the Red Cross and Crescent Societies and more than 20 other major world political centers. The town is popular for its cultural and historical attractions, such as:
-;Saint Paul's Cathedral-
-; The area of ​​ancient times Bourg de Fur-
-; University-Geneva
-; Reformatsii- Monument
-; Flower clock-
-, Lake Geneva.
Every year in the city a few hundred tourists come to admire the beautiful scenery and get aesthetic pleasure.
Amazing country, where high mountainsinterspersed with beautiful lowland territories occupied pristine lakes. This state of the two famous cities around the world, which is destined to play an important role in international politics.

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