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Beriberi in cats

Vitamin deficiency in cats

If your cat has become lethargic and drowsy, if it watery eyes, dull and falling hair, bleeding gums and stagger teeth, it can be assumed beriberi.

The lack of vitamins in the body can developdue to malabsorption of food the stomach walls, which is why the cat is not getting enough nutrients. The reason for this may be helminths, so that necessarily need to twice a year to give a cat anthelmintics least for prophylaxis. Vitamin A deficiency leads to a reduction or even loss of vision. Its symptoms are lethargy animal, uncertain movements, loss of appetite, blurred cornea, dryness of mucous membranes. Pregnant cats can happen miscarriage. The animals need to happen on the sun. The food add fish oil is introduced into the diet of eggs and beef liver. Every day drip cat on for months trivitamin language (a complex of vitamins A, D3, E). Lack of vitamin B1 may develop due to the fact that the cats diet includes too much raw fish or viscera. Excess carbohydrates with protein deficiency can also lead to a deficiency of thiamine. The cat is losing weight, lose appetite, become lethargic. Uncertain staggering gait, paresis and seizures - all this may be due to vitamin B1 deficiency. To compensate for the lack of thiamine, feed your cat raw meat and liver, add the yeast to the feed. In severe cases, show the animal to the vet - you may need medication. Excess protein in the diet, and antibiotics may lead to the development of vitamin B6 deficiency. Symptoms of this type of vitamin deficiency are loss of appetite, sores on the face, legs and tail, convulsions. The food add milk products - fermented baked milk, cottage cheese. Show the cat to the vet. With a lack in the diet of foods containing calcium and phosphorus, cats can develop deficiency of vitamin D. In this case, the animals are suffering from indigestion, diarrhea or constipation. In young cats delayed growth, deformed bones. Animals lick the walls, the ground floor. Add in food animals fish oil, calcined and crushed egg shells, meat and bone meal. In severe cases, the cat must be seen by a veterinarian. And, of course, it would be very nice if you have a flower pot will grow oats specially for cat could replenish the lack of vitamin C and clean the intestines using green fodder.

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