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The Benefit of Reading Books</a>

Reading, a person learns for himself a lot of new and interesting, enriches the vocabulary and expands the horizon.

Reading is the simplest and most universal way of entertainment, and at the same time an important part of spiritual and cultural self-improvement.

According to psychologists, reading is the most importantProcess at the stage of personality formation. Since childhood, the kid has been reading books by parents, and then the books have been accompanying us all his life. Reading is very useful for teenagers - it develops memory, thinking, the ability to comprehend and analyze actions. Thus, books allow us to bring up a harmonious and integral personality.

During the reading, both hemispheres are activebrain. The process of reading uses the left half of the brain, and the representation of pictures and images from the plot - the right half. Thus, the ability of our brain is trained and developed.

It is best to read classical paper books, since the eye perceives information in this form better and not so tired, in comparison with electronic media.

However, not all books are equally useful. It is worth paying attention to works that are written in a rich and diverse language. They must carry a deep, not a superficial meaning.

If you have not read books of fictionFrom the school program, then start with them. Then get acquainted with the historical literature, as well as with poetry. Some works of contemporaries are also worthy of attention.

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