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The benefits of reading books

Reading a person learns a lot of new and interesting, enriching vocabulary and broadens the mind.

Reading - it's the easiest and most versatile way of entertainment, but at the same time an important part of the spiritual and cultural improvement.

According to psychologists, reading - an importantthe process at the stage of formation of the person. Since childhood, the baby's parents read books, then books accompany us forever. Reading is very helpful for teens - develop memory, thinking, the ability to comprehend and analyze the behavior. Thus, the book and allow you to bring up a harmonious whole person.

While reading actively working both hemispheresbrain. The very process of reading involves the left half of the brain, and the representation of pictures and images of the scene - the right half. Thus, the ability to train and develop our brain.

It is best to read the classic paper books as the eye more receptive to the information in this form and not get tired, as compared to the electronic media.

However, not all books are created equal. It is worth to pay attention to works that have been written a rich and varied language. They must carry a deep and not superficial sense.

If you do not read fiction booksof the school program, start it with them. Then read the historical literature and poetry. Some works of his contemporaries are also worthy of attention.

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