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Benefits and harms of heated floor

Benefits and harms of heated floor

Heated floors or floor heating - a popular solution for modern apartments, houses and offices.

The device of warm floors ensures comfort households.

However, the potential benefits of such floors in addition to the undoubted convenience, whether they are harmful to human health?

Heated floors can act not only as aan additional heat source, but also as the core. Underfloor heating - a good choice, if the house has a small child. Heated floors are heated uniformly, whereby in the room will reach normal temperature. And, unlike radiator heating elements are hidden.

Damage from underfloor heating

Today the common myth that heatedharmful to human health floor. Electric underfloor heating is really create electromagnetic radiation, but we can not worry about its negative effects on the body the effect will be minimal.
Also, the popular view that underfloor heatingbad influence on the respiratory tract of adults and children for the reason that the space heating system dries the air. Due to the increasing dryness formed more dust in the room. And in this case also can not talk about the dangers to health of the heated floor. After all, in any case, winter use heaters in the house.

The use of heated floor

Warm floors are ideal for peoplewho like to walk barefoot. After all, even the most beautiful and soft carpet does not give a feeling of warmth and comfort, in contrast to underfloor heating. And it is possible to mount the floor heating elements are not only at the stage of building a house, a summer residence, but also in the course of repair.

Reduce the electromagnetic radiation from the heating system can be using for floor heating two-wire cable.

Despite the complexity of the installation and fairlythe high cost of the system, heated floors are increasingly in demand. And no wonder, rarely some people will refuse the opportunity to pamper yourself and loved ones, make your home truly comfortable.
Heated floors are not in difficultiesoperation to change the temperature enough to rely on the thermostat. This device supports the desired heating mode. Under-floor heating will be the best choice for a child's room, bathroom, living room, kitchen - all rooms, where you often visit. With warm floors, you can stop wearing slippers.
Choosing heated floors, will be able to usefor games with the children all the space of the room. Seated on the floor, you can build towers with blocks, play bingo or talk about everything, not fearing that close cold.

Cover for heated floors can serve as laminate, ceramic or linoleum. It is advisable not to choose the flooring - wood rassyhaetsya due to exposure to high temperatures.

Floors with water or electric heating have considerable durability and great warranty, so you can safely choose to install such systems in the house.

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