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How to bend a pipe


The crossbow in the form of a crossbow bends the pipes, pushing them in the place of the fold</a>

Installation of heating equipment orThe pipeline of water supply can not be imagined without bending pipes. For professionals this is not a problem, but for a layman who needs to conduct water supply at his dacha this is a serious snag.

Just bend the pipe is not so difficult, but to do this without flattening the pipe, you need to take into account a few nuances.



A pipe with thin walls can be bent directly onThe knee. If the pipe has thick walls, then before folding, the place of the future fold should be strongly heated. This can be done with a gas burner. When the scale starts to heat up the pipe, it is possible to start bending the pipe. Steel pipes become bright red at the same time, and aluminum can be heated until the paper brought to them will not light up.


However, not all pipes can be bent by heating inPlace of fold. Galvanized pipes, for example, do not tolerate heating. Without using a welding machine, the pipe can be bent using a pipe bender. It can be both manual and hydraulic and electric. With its help, it is possible to bend the pipe in the form of a roll, duck, staple or bend. To bend the pipe, it must be laid under the bench with a long end, the bend point should be lubricated with engine oil and bent the short end of the pipe. Tube-bender crossbows bend the pipe, pushing it at the point of bending. A crossbow? Bend metal-plastic pipes and of non-ferrous metal. On automatic pipe benders, everything is much simpler: you just need to install the correct bend angle on the device, insert the pipe and pull the handles.


Without a bend, you can bend the pipe withPlane-parallel plate. Plate. It has a groove, along which the pipe is bent, clamping with a special yoke. Bending in this way, you can only pipe up to 4 cm in diameter. On automatic pipe benders, everything is much simpler: you just need to install the required bend angle on the device, insert the pipe and close the handles.


Another way? Use a metal plate with holes of the same diameter. There are inserted pins, permuting which you can achieve the bending of pipes of different radii. However, this method is good for long pipes. To build a short pipe, very much effort will be required.


To prevent the pipe from forming at the folding point, fillIts dry sand, carefully seal the edges, so that the sand does not pour out during the bending process. Clamp the tube in a vice so that the bend is away from the lips of the vice. After the tube is heated at the bend point and bent by the selected method.


Another method used in bending a pipe into aAvoid its rupture or addition? This is the insertion inside the bent pipe of a strong spring. In order to remove it later, wind the wire to the last turn. When you bend the pipe, pull out the spring by pulling the wire.

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