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How to behave when meeting with a UFO

How to behave when meeting with a UFO

About human encounters with UFOs accumulated a vast amount of material, from ancient myths to contemporary reports in the press and on the Internet.

These messages come from all corners of the world- they seem incomprehensible to many, wonderful, inexplicable. Some believe, some do not believe.

However, just in case, be prepared for a meeting with newcomers should each.

You will need



Do not panic! Just watch what you see is not showing activity.


Do not come close! Some ufologists claim that the place where you landed UFO emits radioactive substances. But even if it is not, do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk.


Be calm! In no case do not show aggression. In order to avoid unintended consequences do not try to escape. On possible contact Offer respond with a polite refusal. Try not to touch anything, be aware of the possible infection of unknown microorganisms.


If you are indoors, turn off electrical appliances and devices, gas stove as possible.

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