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How to behave in public transport mannered man

How to behave in public transport mannered man

City residents spend on public transportation most of the time, because every weekday citizens have to travel to work and back home.

To ride in a tram, bus or subway is not turned into a test of nerves, you should know the rules of conduct in public transport and strictly adhere to them.



Upon entering the first public transportrelease those who go out. Then skip forward the elderly, women, children and the disabled. Only after that educated people can enter the interior of the bus or subway car itself.


When you are in a subway car, you should not lean back against the rail, located at the entrance to the car. So you can hurt human sitting behind you, causing him concern.


Do not try to look over his shoulder standingor sitting next to a person to read the contents of a newspaper or a book, which he read. This will violate the private space of the person and interfering with his life. This behavior causes a legitimate irritation and may become a source of conflict.


If there is no transport availability, alwaysgive in place of those who need it more than you. This again is a question of people of advanced age, the disabled, women and children. When you give the place a particular person, ask him to sit down. Otherwise, the released place very quickly takes the one who is more easy on the rules of behavior in transport.


If the place is inferior to you, do not rush to givefrom such a gesture of goodwill. So you can put a sympathetic person in a very awkward position. Thank for your attention and take the place that you have been offered.


Try not to be considered carefully otherpeople, and even more so do not look them in the face. Public transport and so narrows the comfortable space for each passenger. Obsessive attention to other people can be regarded by them not as benevolence, but as a sign of aggression.


When you get off the bus or passenger compartmentleaving the subway car, do not hesitate to shake hands with women who come after you. This desire refers, of course, men. Your attention in most cases will be regarded favorably. Always remember that sincere friendliness, courtesy and politeness in public transport will save your nerves and give positive energy not only to you but also to others.

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