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How should an educated person behave in public transport


How should an educated person behave in public transport</a>

Residents of cities spend in public transport a significant part of the time, because every weekday the townspeople have to get to work and return home.

To travel in a tram, bus or subway has not turned into a test for nerves, you should know the rules of conduct in public transport and clearly adhere to them.



At the entrance to public transport in the beginningRelease those who go outside. Then, older people, women, children and the disabled should be passed ahead. Only after this, a well-bred person can enter the salon of the bus or the subway car himself.


When you are in a subway car, do not rely on the back of the rail located at the entrance to the car. So you can hurt a person sitting behind you, causing him anxiety.


Do not try to look over the shoulder of a standing person.Near or sitting person to get acquainted with the content of the newspaper or the book that he is reading. This you violate the personal space of a person and interfere with his life. This behavior causes legitimate irritation and can become a source of conflict.


If there are no empty seats in the transport, alwaysGive way to those who need it more than you. It is again about the elderly, disabled, women and children. When you give way to a particular person, ask him to sit down. Otherwise, the vacant place will be quickly taken by someone who is more lenient towards the rules of conduct in transport.


If the place is inferior to you, do not hurry to refuseFrom such gesture of goodwill. So you can put a sympathetic person in a very embarrassing situation. Thank for the attention shown and take the place you were offered.


Try not to look closely at othersPeople, and even more so do not look into their faces. Public transport and so sharply narrows the comfortable space for each passenger. Obsessive attention to other people can be regarded by them not as benevolence, but as a sign of aggression.


When you get off the bus orLeave the subway car, do not hesitate to give a hand to the women who come after you. This desire applies, of course, to men. Your attention in most cases will be regarded as approving. Always remember that sincere kindness, courtesy and courtesy in public transport will save your nerves and give a positive energy charge not only to you, but to other people.

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