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How to behave during arrest

How to behave during arrest

No one can know how his fate. Even a simple walk through the city, under certain circumstances, may result in unpleasant consequences.

One of the most undesirable events - you arrest by law enforcement officials.

Regardless of the circumstances and the grounds for detention, you should remember the rules of behavior in such a situation.



If you retain employeeslaw enforcement agencies, which are in uniform, do not try to give them resistance or escape. To demonstrate their physical fitness, you probably can, but the consequences can be dire themselves up to criminal liability. If employees are in civilian clothes, ask them to show their IDs.


Since the detention carried out, behave calmlyand without emotion. Do not be rude, rude or loudly express their dissatisfaction. Try to remember the time of arrest and the time of delivering you to the police department. So you can see how much time to extend your stay in the area.


Demand that the representative body of the internalMinister announces your status and the reason for the detention. Detention is used if you are suspected of committing an administrative offense or a criminal offense. Bringing the citizen in the division of internal affairs body to identify the detention is not. Upon arrest, a protocol, to which you absolutely must introduce by hand.


Getting acquainted with the protocols on the detention andoffense, make sure that the time and place of events are put right. All rows and columns of a document must be completed without gaps. If the report or in the form explanations are blank lines, put it dashes. You do not agree with the report? Then please indicate this by writing his signature before the word "protocol does not agree." In your request, you must provide a copy of the protocol.


Demand that the defender was admitted to you. They can be not only a professional lawyer, but also any other person to understand the law and ready to protect your interests. If a lawyer is assigned the police check his documents and try to be attentive to the recommendations of the defense.


Remember that you have the right to inform their relatives about the detention and your current location. On request, the police have to give you a chance to make a phone call.

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