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How to behave at the interview

How to behave at the interview

Interview - a very responsible action.

From what kind of impression you make on the interviewer determines whether you will be invited to the second meeting with the leadership or simply throw your resume as inappropriate.



Appearance - the first thing that draws attentioninterviewer. It does not matter at what position did you come to settle - the seller or assistant general manager. Clothing should be strict, neat, self-colored. Encouraged classics - white top, black bottom. And, of course, the suit must be a business. No jeans, T-shirts, sundresses open. All this you can then wear when get a job, if it is to let the dress code. And in the interview, you must stand responsible business person, a professional who knows his own worth.


Arriving for an interview, say hello tointerviewer. Do not reach out, if the person did not do it first. Wait a proposal to sit down. If it is not received, ask where you can stay. Put the bag on his knees, and put the briefcase next to the chair. Tell the interviewer printed resume. If he needed something else - he says. So just in case, keep with him documents - passport, diploma, work book, certificate of completion of courses, etc.


Prepare a portfolio of work. Visualize your work gives the interviewer the opportunity to verify the veracity of your resume. Statistics show that candidates with a broad portfolio and letters of recommendation, get a job in half the time of conventional competitors.


Relaxed and friendly answer questionsemployee of the personnel department. Not too exaggerate achievements, but do not hide them. If there is something you do not know, you say you come across it, but the question is not deeply studied. Very often during the interview placing too high demands, and in the process it turns out that half of the skill has no use.


When the interview came to an end,ask, how many days you can inquire about the adopted decision about you. Thank you for the interview, said that he would wait for a call that you have enjoyed in the company, and you want to work there. If you do it right, then your resume is sure to be sent to the senior management.

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