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How to behave at the interview


The interview does not always go smoothly, because the recruiter can ask tricky questions, which it is difficult to give a one-word answer.

However, if you follow certain rules, will be able to find a good job within a short period of time.

Applicants during the interview make manyerrors that repeatedly hinder them to get a decent job. Out of this situation, only one - to analyze their actions and eliminate the things that do not give to get what you want.


Some applicants a lot of talk oninterview, because they think that the employer deems it sociable and will take on the job. But often the recruiter thinks quite the opposite. He has the impression that the person likes to talk, and will subsequently be distracting employees from work. As a result, the applicant is likely to be denied a job and take over the place of another candidate. Of course, it should not be silent, but do not need to move away from the topic of conversation and go to answer the question. It is better to think carefully and give a clear, concise answer on the merits.

Negative reviews

There is one mistake thatapplicants. They often speak negatively about your former employer. This behavior does not paint it, on the contrary, reduces the chances of getting a place. It is better to speak of the former company is neutral and can even identify several advantages. Thus, a potential employer will understand what can motivate an employee. On the negative side of the latter works better to keep silent, but if you will be asked this question, it is possible to name a few items.


It is not necessary to interview and to put pressure on the pitytalk about their misadventures. At this rate, to get a job will not be possible. It is best to use this time to demonstrate their personal and working qualities. You can give examples of how it was possible to conclude a deal or save a company a lot of money. In general, you need to show their best side, and the image of the victim in the world of big business is not decorate the applicant. On the contrary, it is necessary to tell, as it was possible to solve a serious problem, because the employer sees the person aimed at a result which sees the misery future success sprouts.


It is important to remember that the interview should take placein a formal conversation form. Do not use slang words to seem "cool", this is only spoil the impression. We need to show courtesy and in a speech to use professional terms, to give examples. In this case, we can show a good side, and hence, the chance to get a job will be higher.

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