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How to behave correctly in an interview



The interview does not always go smoothly, because the recruiter can ask tricky questions, which are difficult to give a monosyllabic answer.

However, if you follow certain rules, you will be able to find a good job in a short time.

Applicants at the interviews allow a lotErrors that repeatedly prevent them from getting a decent job. There is only one way out of this situation: you need to analyze your actions and exclude the moments that do not give you what you want.


Some applicants speak a lot aboutInterview, because they think that the employer will find him sociable and take him to work. But often the recruiter thinks the opposite. He gets the impression that a person likes to chat and will subsequently distract employees from work. As a result, the applicant will most likely be denied work and will be accepted by another candidate. Of course, one should not remain silent, but one should not abandon the topic of conversation and leave the question. It is better to think carefully and give a clear, concise answer on the merits.

Negative feedback

There is one more mistake that is allowedJob seekers. They often negatively speak about their former employer. This behavior does not paint it, on the contrary, it reduces the chances of getting a seat. It is better to speak about the former company neutrally, and you can even highlight a few pluses. So, the potential employer will understand, than it is possible to motivate the employee. It is better to keep silent about the negative aspects of the last work, but if such a question is asked, then we can name a few points.

The Evil

Do not put pressure on pity in an interviewTalk about their misadventures. It is impossible to get such a job at such a rate. It is better to use this time to demonstrate your personal and working qualities. You can give examples of how it was possible to conclude a profitable transaction or save the company a large amount of money. In general, you need to show yourself on a profitable side, and the image of the victim in the world of big business will not decorate the competitor. On the contrary, we need to tell how we managed to solve a serious problem, so the employer will see a person aimed at the result, who sees in the misfortunes future sprouts of success.


It is important to remember that the interview must take placeIn the form of a formal conversation. Do not use slang words to seem "cool", all this will only spoil the impression. You need to be courteous and use professional terms in your speech, give examples. In this case it will be possible to show oneself from a good side, which means that the chance to get a job will be higher.

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