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How a person should behave


How a person should behave</a>

All people differ in character, temperament, upbringing, habits.

Therefore, their behavior in this or that situation may differ. Nevertheless, there are a number of rules of good taste that must be adhered to while in society.

They are relatively simple, and their observance is the duty of every educated, self-respecting person.



Always try to respect yourself and other people. Know the measure in everything, be considerate. For example, well-educated people will never allow themselves to mock at any physical defect, appearance, name, religion or nationality of another person. Even if this mockery seems to him an innocent joke, it is better to abstain from it. After all, she can offend!


Do not give other people trouble,Inconveniences. Try on time, not late, to come to the appointed time on a visit, to a business meeting, to the beginning of a film or a performance. If you are late for some reason, be sure to apologize. Going to your place in the auditorium, turn your face to the people sitting.


Take for the rule: Solve their problems, difficulties independently, on their own. If you had to take advantage of someone's help, sincerely thank for it and try at the first opportunity to give this person a feasible service. And if you yourself are asked for help, do not refuse without a good reason.


Always be polite, even if you have toTo communicate with people who are personally unpleasant to you. In extreme cases, try under any plausible pretext to reduce your communication to a minimum or completely stop it. But do not resort to rudeness, pejorative characteristics.


Attentively, without interrupting, listen to the interlocutor,Try to understand the essence of his arguments. Even if you strongly disagree, avoid contemptuous facial expressions, gestures, words like: "What nonsense!" Try to politely convince your opponent of your right. If this is not possible, you better calmly say: "Well, let each of us remain at his own opinion".


While on a visit, observe the rules adopted inThis house. For example, if you want to smoke, ask the owners first for permission. And it's better to abstain, because among the guests there may be people who do not tolerate tobacco smoke.


Be tactful and attentive while onStreet, in a public building, transport, etc. For example, if you are a young or middle-aged person, give way to the elderly or pregnant women. If the place gave way to you, be sure to politely thank.

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