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How to behave in an adult way</a>

Being an adult and behaving in an adult way is not the same thing.

Some people, even having reached a solid age, continue to act irrationally and lightly.

Do you want people around you to take you seriously, trust and listen to the words - change your behavior.



Determine exactly what you would like to change inHis behavior. After all, there are character traits, usually inherent in children, which would not hurt to have adults. This is spontaneity, curiosity, the ability to rejoice in small things. It's unlikely that you will make your life better by destroying them.


Childhood does not pass without a trace, and at heartEveryone is seated by his inner child. Here only some people wake up only occasionally, while others constantly dictate their behavior. You can suppress it, like an ordinary child, switching his attention to another. Agree with yourself that you will cease to be systematically late for work, and for this, buy yourself a house for a doll "Barbie", a radio-controlled helicopter and a prefix. And will be engaged in their toys only in their spare time.


Keep a calendar and write down all yourTasks for the day, preferably with a specific time interval, when you do this. This will force you to work promptly and fulfill your duties on time, and not postpone everything on the last day. After completing the assignment, delete it from the list. You yourself will soon begin to enjoy yourself, looking at how things are getting smaller.


Learn to take responsibility for yourActs. As a child, parents usually end up forgiving the child, but your boss or supervisor does not have to do this at all. If you have stumbled, have the courage to admit that this is your fault, and indicate the time frame in which you can fix everything, and do not tell that the stick with the diploma work was swallowed by the dog.


The surest way to start behavingIn an adult way - to rent a separate dwelling and independently earn money. This will teach you responsibility for your life, because now well-being will depend solely on you. And, perhaps, you will like it so much that in the future you will want to take responsibility for someone else.

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