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How to behave

How to behave in an adult

Being an adult and act like a grown-up - it's not the same thing.

Some people even reached solid age, continue to be irrationally and thoughtlessly.

Do you want people to treat you seriously, trusted and listened to the words - change your behavior.



Determine exactly what you would like to changetheir behavior. After all, there are traits that are normally available to children who would not hurt to have both grown. This spontaneity, curiosity, the ability to enjoy the little things. It is unlikely that you will make your life better by destroying them.


Childhood does not pass without a trace, and deep down ineach of his inner child is sitting. Here are just some he wakes up only occasionally, while others constantly dictates their behavior. It can soothe, like an ordinary child, switching his attention to another. Agree with yourself that you will stop regularly late for work, and for that buy a house for the doll "Barbie", a radio-controlled helicopter and a set-top box. And you will be engaged in the toys only in their spare time.


Keep a diary and write down all of your backjobs daily, preferably with a specific period of time when you're doing it. This will force you to work efficiently and to fulfill their obligations on time, and not to postpone all on the last day. After completing a task, cross it from the list. You yourself will soon begin to enjoy looking at how cases getting smaller.


Learn to take responsibility for theiractions. As a child, the parents usually end up forgiving the offending child, but your boss or supervisor to do this is not obliged. Since you stumble, have the courage to admit that this is your fault, and specify the time frame in which you can fix it, but do not tell that the USB flash drive with the diploma work the dog swallowed.


The best way to start to behavegrown-up - remove individual housing and earn money independently. It teaches you responsibility for your life, because now the well-being will depend solely on you. And maybe you will like it so that in the future you may want to take responsibility for someone else.

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