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How to start to live in harmony with them

Be yourself and live in harmony

Good attitude to oneself, understandingown desires and ideas, self-acceptance and self-love are essential attributes of a harmonious personality and constitute the basic conditions for a happy life.

Reach agreement with your inner world can be when to work on them.



Get rid of the habit of complaining. Be aware of the responsibility for their own lives and actions. As soon as you stop to lament the fate and realize that everything is in your hands, you are aware of its own usefulness and strength. Then you will act, not a murmur, discover their potential and learn to better themselves.


Do not depend on other people's opinions. Cease to seek the approval of others. It is better to focus on how would like to see you yourself, not other people. It happens that people are so in need of making others that lose their individuality. About any agreement with a not out of the question, if the view put others above their own and live someone else's mind.


Discover your talents. A man who lives in harmony with his inner world, developing their own skills, is the soul and passion for a job that suits him. If you do not know what interests might interest you, remember what you loved to do in his childhood. Perhaps this is the case you'll be pleased now.


Try to get rid of the influence of stereotypes,which have emerged in the community. Going on about the society, you cease to notice what you would like for yourself, do not see their desires. There is a substitution of values, and as a result, achieved its ambitious goals, you feel no joy or satisfaction, frustration and fatigue.


Live in harmony with your own body. Learn how to properly respond to its signals. It happens that a person ignores some ailments, neglecting rest or sleep. This behavior leads to disharmony. Try for some time to pay special attention to your body, do everything possible to ensure your well-being was at the height. It will surprise you a good mood and sense of balance.

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