Holidays in Egypt. Hurghada
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Before his departure from the country do not forget about it

Before his departure from the country do not forget about it

That comes to an end holiday season. It is time to prepare to return home, a process that requires preparation.

So how do you properly close the cottage for the winter?

Make a list of everything that is undesirableto leave the country. If the holiday village is empty in winter, it is better not to leave the house appliances that they are not stolen. For appliances are dangerous not only thieves but also humidity. Packages containing cereals, pasta, sugar is also taken away if the house proberutsya mouse, they will have something to eat.

Of all the containers, tanks, hoses onportion of the pipes in the building and the battery must be drained water - or when the frost hit, the liquid will turn into ice and even tear the plastic and metal or iron. In the bath, do not forget to pour the water out of kadushek. Turn off all the taps in the street and in the home.

Close all windows, check the door. If needed, lubricate the locks with engine oil. Otherwise, during the winter they can rust, and open them will be problematic.

Carefully remove the dry leaves on the plot: underneath the grass can affect fungal infection. Collected leaves are used for compost. Dig up the ground around trees and shrubs, cover with spruce spruce branches roses and other plants that are afraid of frost.

If there is a man, ask theminspect the roof: even a small hole in the roof can lead to what you find in the spring instead of the rotten floor boards. To protect the wood from moisture and bath walls hozbloka, they are treated with antiseptics.

When he left, the house should be de-energized. It is sufficient to unscrew the plug or turn off the power at the switchboard. But if the house alarm is installed, the electricity has to work. In any case, write down the working hours on the day of departure.

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