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Beef steaks with bananas in Australian style


Steaks with bananas are an unusual dish for us. Unusually it is at least the fact that the meat is served with fried fruit. However, after trying it you can be surprised at how the main dish and garnish are combined.
He is most often cooked in Australia, where he is considered one of the national dishes.

Beef steak with bananas in Australian style

In order to prepare 2 servings of steaks with fried bananas, it is necessary to stock up in advance with the following products (the mass is indicated with a gross precision):

  1. Beef (tenderloin) 516 g-
  2. Butter (margarine) 68 g-
  3. Eggs 2 pcs-
  4. Egg Yolk 1 pcs-
  5. Bananas 262 g or 2 pcs-
  6. Onion 60 g-
  7. Cream 40 g-
  8. Wheat Flour 30 g-
  9. Pepper black ground 0.02 g-
  10. Biscuit bread crumbs 44 g-
  11. Horseradish 24 g-
  12. Sugar sand 10 g-
  13. Salt 8 g.

Technology of cooking "Beef steaks with bananas in Australian style"

Meat should be stripped of veins, bone remnants,Film-cut into fairly thin slices, cover with food film and beat off gently with a hammer. Then, in a hot frying pan, you must melt the butter, making sure that it does not burn, and on it fry the meat. You need to fry steaks on both sides for 5-8 minutes.

Then cut the bananas along into 2 parts (if1 large banana is used for this recipe, then it can be cut also into two to three parts - if desired). Then follows the operations of breading in flour, then - in the egg, in breadcrumbs. Bread carefully and from all sides. When bananas are breaded in flour, they should be sprinkled lightly with salt and pepper. Prepared bananas fry in the remaining fat from meat fats. Finished steaks salted, pepper and set aside.

Horseradish rubbed in a puree in a blender or rubbed onA small grater, and then mix it with cream. Next, combine this mixture with the sauce remaining from the frying of steaks, season it with salt, pepper and sugar, warm for 1-2 minutes and water the steaks before serving.

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