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Beef steak in wine sauce


The steak, as a rule, is aFried on both sides of a piece of meat about 3 cm thick. Making steak from beef does not represent any difficulties, it is very simple to prepare it in a wine sauce. You can fry meat on any oil.

Beef steak in wine sauce

You will need

  • For six servings:
  • - 800 g of beef steak-
  • - a glass of red dry wine-
  • - 50 g of butter-
  • - a large salt-
  • - ground black pepper.



A large cast-iron frying pan is heated over a large fire. You can take a grill. Season steaks with pepper and salt.


Fry the meat on each side for at least 3 minutes - it all depends on the degree of roasting that you like. Ready to put the steaks on a plate, cover with foil.


Pour the red dry wine into the frying pan, whereThey cooked meat. Stew on medium heat, stirring occasionally and cleaning the walls of dishes with a wooden spoon - the wine should thicken. On average, this takes 4-7 minutes.


Cut the butter into cubes. Remove the frying pan from the heat, add oil cubes, stirring constantly. Wait until the previous oil cube has melted, only then add the next one. Season to taste with salt and pepper.


Beef steaks served with wine sauce and some garnish, for example, boiled rice or mashed potatoes.

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