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anti-bedsore mattresses

anti-bedsore mattresses

Many diseases are able to chain man to the bed. And to this day it is needed for good care.

After all, it depends on whether a person will recover or, on the contrary - his condition worsened.

Decubitus - one of the major complications in these patients.

The main risk of bedsores is subsequent to their skin necrosis.

To avoid this problem, you need to purchase a special, Antidecubital mattresses. There are many varieties of these mattresses.
The balloon mattress. Its feature is that it can be laser perforated surface. Thus, it will create an additional vozduhoottok, thanks to which there is blasting the patient's body. This mattress can withstand weight up to 150 kg, which is very suitable for fat people. This mattress is used for the treatment of severe stages of pressure ulcers.
Cellular mattress. This mattress has the ability to impact the massage. Its function is to provide blood flow to the tissues, receipt of a supply cell of the body. These mattresses are very popular in surgery, traumatology and prevention of pressure ulcers at an early stage. This mattress helps avoid surgical intervention. the patient's weight should not exceed 120 kg.
Also important also care for personal hygienepatient. This implies that the need to change underwear and bed linen at the patient on a daily basis. Since chips and creases on the bed of the patient, promote skin irritation, as well as the occurrence of pressure ulcers in a patient. Therefore, the patient's bedding should be well strained.
By turning the patient's side, be sure toimpose his pillows, to prevent a fall. The interval between turns of 1.5-2 hours. There is a special function bed. With it much easier to turn the patient.
All of these inventories for patient care can bepurchased in specialty stores in your city. However, it is worth noting that the purchase of a mattress does not exempt you from carrying out all the above activities. Acquisition of the mattress you will make life easier for the patient.

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