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Bedroom interior in blue

Bedroom interior in blue

Blue color - gorgeous shade of blue. It is the color of dreams, the color of luxury.

It is usually associated with the nobility.

By the way, even in Feng Shui it is considered one of the most successful and favorable color.

Contemplation blue relaxes mentally andphysically, it soothes, creates an atmosphere of safety and trust. In general, if you arrange a bedroom in blue, then it will relax you well, you will be able to think, to dream.

Features blue

Blue color visually pushing the space, but for many facilities is very important. That blue bedroom will seem larger than it is.

And blue - very delicate and light color, youyou can safely use it in large quantities, is not afraid to go too far. It can be used in the finishing of the walls and decor elements, and when painting a ceiling.

Of course, it is better to choose a blue color for the bedroom if the room out the window on the sunny side, otherwise it will seem repellent and cold.

Wallpapers for bedrooms

Wallpaper blue - a good solution, if a little small room, she immediately becomes visually more. These pick up the wallpaper in tone linens, or even buy a bed of blue.

Curtains for the blue bedroom

For the interior of a bedroom in blue suitsnow-white curtains or light blue. You can even hang curtains turquoise, permitting the color of other elements of the interior decor. Here you can express their imagination in all its glory.

The blue color will make the bedroom a stylish, beautiful, fashionable and comfortable in this room want to come back as often as possible, resting there and relaxing.

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