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How to become your in any company

The art of communication can be learned

The belief that the soul of the company can only be very talented, charismatic man, is not quite true.

Learn effective methods of communication, attention control group of people who maintain and develop good relationships with others, you can, if you wish.



Learn to listen. This quality is even more important than eloquence in building effective relationships. Become an excellent, attentive, understanding listener, and you love in any company. Use active listening techniques: keep eye contact with someone, ask questions to clarify some points in his story, gestures that are listening and understand it.


Practise in communicating. Get your new company better to the person who talks a lot. It is not enough to know the secrets of effective communication. It should be regularly and for a long time to train them in practice. Try to make contact with each colleague, do not be afraid to start small, insignificant conversation with a stranger.


Develop a sense of humor. A man next to whom a fun, easy and good, like a magnet, attracts others. Keep left a few jokes and funny stories, longer see comedies, read ironic stories. Treat everyone with a little irony, be optimistic, cheerful person, and you will be able to win the love of others.


Do not forget to compliment people. Sincere praise nontrivial about the people around you will lift your mood and arrange them for you. Just remember that compliment must be truthful and not too exaggerated.


Try to get rid of their complexes. To do this, you need to love yourself, to focus on the strengths of his character and the favorable side of the property appearance, and the shortcomings that can not be corrected simply forget.


Grow. Be interesting to talk to. To skillfully maintain meaningful conversation, you need to be interested in the realities of life around you. The more diverse a person you are, the more the conversation can start with other people.


Watch for their appearance. Let your clothes will be ironed, shoes - pure skin - fresh hairstyle - neat. With a man who looks good and smells good, I want to talk a lot more than a slut.

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