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How to become wiser

Learn and Grow

Unfortunately, human wisdom is not always equivalent to the living years.

To make sure your experience was not in vain, be engaged in self-development, looking for causal relationships and draw conclusions from what is happening.



Become more observant. More people listen. Try to understand not only the obvious meaning of the words of the interlocutor, but also their hidden subtext. Watch for facial expressions, gestures, tone of the person. Notice what words he often uses in his lexicon. This deep analysis will help you to better understand others.


Read the right books. Novels Russian and foreign classics to help you enrich your life experience. The more literature, a weight on a global scale, you look, become the wiser. Books help you to live a few more lives, except their own. Do not miss this chance to learn more.


Expand your horizons. Learn the history, art, be up to date with the latest news in the world of politics and science. Try to better understand the world order. Do not miss the opportunity to learn something new every day. Learn something. Then your mind will be constantly on our toes.


Aim for Self-study. Contemplation own inner peace is possible with the help of meditative practices. In addition, constantly need to listen to yourself, to understand how certain events affect you. Self-understanding - an important step towards the achievement of higher knowledge. After all, a truly wise man knows what he wants, lives in harmony with himself and tends to self-control.


Treat life with philosophical calm. Rather than worry about every little thing, imagine its value throughout your life. A wise man knows how to wait, have patience and know what is really important, and that - no. If you want to achieve this state, often thought about whether you are adequately assess the situation.


Get rid of illusions. Do not fully accept the values ​​that are fashionable in society at the moment, for their own. Do not expect too much from others. Remember, they do not have anything you like and you them. Once you get rid of the increasing demands of others, you will be much easier to get along with them.


Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the experience of others. The wise man realizes that he still have something to strive for, and uses the chance to learn something new from others. Make it a rule to every person looking for something good, worthy of attention. Remember that almost any individual can enrich your experience of your own wisdom, sometimes do not even realize.

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