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How to become soft

The softness and femininity attracts guys

Some of the fair sex unconsciously push away from young people themselves. The reason may be a lack of softness and femininity.

A strong, successful woman can take care of themselves and build a career.

However, those who overdoes with rigor and independence, may be doomed to loneliness.



Start with a sincere desire to change. Understand that you yourself will be easier to build relationships with others and accept life's circumstances, when you take away from his character being too assertive, strictness and rigidity.


Remove the part of the responsibility. Perhaps you too much to take himself, seeks to control all the processes that are happening in your life, and the lack of softness in your character is the result of your position. Try to shift some errands well, other members of your family or colleagues, and you will see that the world will not collapse, and it is not to fail without your direct involvement in all.


Be kind to people. Let sarcasm and cynicism remain in the past. Instead of evil jokes and jabs against friends make them compliments. Think about the feelings of others and try not to hurt their feelings. By myself too should be treated gently and with love. Get rid of the habit too hard to criticize their own mistakes and shortcomings.


Find your example of softness and femininity. This may be a girl friend or a movie star, as long as she was the embodiment of the qualities that you feel the lack. Observe the example and try to adopt some of the features, habits, look, smile, speech and behavior. It is important to understand the essence and philosophy of true females.


Communicate more with women. Perhaps the lack of softness is the result of work in the men's team or education in an atmosphere of absolute rigor. More common with friends, start a conversation on the classic women's issues.


Feel free to express their emotions. You should not be considered a sign of weakness rushes to hug a person or a kind word to say to him. Also, there is nothing to be ashamed to cry over sad sentimental book or movie.


Ask for help from others, especially inRepresentatives of the stronger sex. Sometimes it's nice to seem weak woman, feel it. Especially because there can be a situation where you really need a man's strength. So take a moment and ask about it.


Conduct an audit of your wardrobe. Remember that external changes occur to help inner metamorphosis. Therefore, please create in her closet more than feminine dresses and jewelry.

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