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How to become smarter?

How to be smarter?

In any country in the world, in every town, on every street, and even in any business there are smart people, and there are not enough smart.

Moreover, not uncommon in our lives andstupid creatures who sometimes introduced into normal human stupor.Mnogie of people can say simply - read books, learn well, to explore the world.

But, as it turns out, it is not so simple, dear readers.

To become even a little smarter, it does not require little effort and some books here will not help.



Play strategic, intellectual andLogical computer, video, and mobile games. Such are the "puzzles", so to speak, very well develop reaction, thinking, intellectual knowledge, and many other important factors.


Communicate with smart people. Keep the conversation as often as possible with those who know a lot of things. When these people talk - listen to them carefully. Keep track of the information that was coming from their mouth. Load the data of these in my head. Be aware of them and use them in my life!


Learn how to count without a calculator. Train your memory, thus - believe in the mind. Do not use your fingers, a notepad, a calculator, and even more so. It will also encourage you to to become more intelligent.


Learn to read quickly. Read as much information as possible, and try to read exactly what you really like and interesting. Not only that, it is useful to you in life, you also will gain a lot of knowledge from books and internet pages.


Engage in physical activity! As a rule, they say that during exercise, very good, so to speak, "charging" the brain. Physical education is also very important. If you constantly sit on a chair at home, the ideal result - will not.


Eat right. They say that chocolate is very good increases efficiency. Yes - it's true, dear friends. Just do not eat all the chocolates in a row. Try to choose exactly dark chocolate. In addition, eat more fruits, berries, cereals, and vitamin B.


Keep track of the order. The better you look, the smarter you will not only seem, but are. While, on the other hand it may seem that this is complete nonsense.


Travel and explore the world. The more you see and get to know people, the smarter you are. You do not have to read books about these or other studies or findings, you may very well, you can see them for yourself.


All that interests you - ask. In particular this applies to the pupils / students who are learning. If you have something caught or something you do not complement, immediately ask. Especially if it is not very clear term.


Ponder, plan, discuss, contemplate. All this - makes your brain work, and the more he works, the more quickly you will become wiser. But as a rule, try to give your head and relax, because without rest - work hard.

That's all, dear friends. Try to stick to the tips that I gave you above. If you do not be lazy, and will "want" your goal, then you will definitely achieve all!

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