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How to Get Rich: 8 faithful to take the money

How to Get Rich: 8 faithful to take the money

About the existence of the money will know many.

Believe it or ignore - a private matter.

One thing is for sure - they should at least listen!



Eastern wisdom says: if during the year to keep the purse completely intact a large bill, that is not exchange and do not spend it, it will be able to "point" to others in the same way big money to you.


Never hold the purse empty. Even if you do it is not currently in use, put a coin into the at least one - she would "attract" other into it.


Immediately after the new moon, when the night skynarrow crescent of the waxing moon will be visible, show her a dollar bill and ask politely to give you more money. Scientists have long proven that space power has an impact on human life.


Make sure that all the buttons on your clothes were on the ground: money like only preppy owners.


For the growth and maintenance of welfare Eastern sages advised in every corner of the house hide a coin.


Do not dispose of anything in the window. In the East, I believe that you can inadvertently thrown out of the house and its material prosperity.


If you decide to talk to your boss aboutwage increases, the night before pinch between your fingers palms banknote large denomination, and said:. "Money makes money" This will greatly enhance your chances of success.


Never neglect the little thing. This is also the money, albeit small. Otherwise, the money will be offended at you.

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