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How to become rich: 8 true signs about money


How to become rich: 8 true signs about money</a>

Many people know about the existence of money.

Believe it or ignore it is everyone's business.

One thing is clear - one should at least listen to them!



Eastern wisdom says: If during a year to keep a large bill in a purse in full integrity, that is not to exchange and not to spend it, it will be able to "point" to other equally large money the way to you.


Never keep your wallet empty. Even if you do not use it at the moment, put in at least one coin - it will certainly "attract" it to others.


Immediately after the new moon, when the night skyYou will see a narrow sickle of the growing moon, show her a cash bill and politely ask to give you more money. Scientists have long proven that the energy of the cosmos has an impact on human life.


Make sure that all the buttons on your clothes are on the ground: money is loved only by neat owners.


To grow and maintain well-being, the Eastern sages are advised to hide each coin in every corner of the house.


Do not throw anything into the windows. In the East they believe that you can throw out your material wealth from the house inadvertently.


If you decide to talk to your boss aboutIncrease wages, the night before, pinch a large banknote of money between your fingers and say: "Money to money." This will greatly increase your chances of success.


Never neglect small things. This is also money, albeit small. Otherwise, money will take offense at you.

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