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How to become popular on Twitter

How to become popular on Twitter

Twitter - social networking, the hallmark of which is the publication of short messages, sometimes supplemented by depicting.

Get more subscribers on Twitter, you can follow a few simple rules.



Work on your profile. Pay special attention to photography. The image should be clear and attractive. Do not choose as your avatar photo, which you were sealed for sunglasses, hats or simply do not look at the camera. Complete your profile as detailed as possible.


Publish interesting messages. Most potential subscribers to make their choice based on a few recent publications. Therefore, do not publish reports of banal daily routine. Share unusual events, observations and incidents. Provoke readers to express their opinion. Try to occasionally update publishing photographs, video or audio files to insert.


Be active. Publish several posts per day. In addition, you must upload tweets when most of your potential subscribers are active.


Use hashtags. They allow users to find your messages in the mass of publications on Twitter.


Subscribe to update those userswho have subscribed to your page on Twitter. It is important to do when you are just starting to look for subscribers and cherish each of them. Seeing that you are not subscribed to the page, the user can unsubscribe from your Twitter.


Point users to Twitter from otheryour network resources: from a page in VKontakte, Facebook, blog or website. Place all the line "Connect with me Twitter» with reference to your page.

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