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How to become more confident

How to become more confident

How often people do not have enough confidence in yourself! How important, significant, and perhaps great things they could do, if more faith in their abilities, strength, right.

Before insecure people, many doors are closed, they have little opportunity to be successful and happy.

But it can be fixed.



Self-confidence - is a character trait, but itIt depends on several factors. First, pay attention to their appearance. When you look good, it gives confidence. Therefore, you should wear the clothes that you are, that emphasizes the dignity of the figure. If you do not cope with the problem of your appearance, ask for help to people whose profession is to create and improve the style of dress. They will help replace worn sweater stylish and beautiful clothes suitable for you. Do not spare the funds for a new wardrobe, because the appearance - this is something which attracts the attention surrounding the first.


It is equally important to always keep track of your face,figure, hairdo. Beautiful, tightened figure attracts attention, and thus makes you more confident. Also, you should know how to use makeup to highlight its beauty. A clean hair - is the basis hairstyles. Treat your hair to make them look healthy and shiny. Such a neat and finished image will undoubtedly make you more confident.


Often the confidence speaks not only externalview, but a view of man, his gait and posture. Straighten the arms, lift your head, go for an easy life, but a solid gait. Your eyes should direct and clear. Downcast eyes, hunched figure and drooping shoulders speak of self-doubt. Look people in the eye, smile at ease, laugh, if fun, argue openly, if you are sure that they are right. Confident look can be easily trained. Every day, look at your reflection in the mirror for 3-5 minutes, being careful not to blink as long as possible. Your eyes should be open and confident. After a week of training you will be able to beat the "peepers" anyone.


Talking to people helps gain confidence incurrently. If you have no friends, so there is no one to reassure you, cheer and cheer. With friends, you can consult, they are always honest indicate your strengths and weaknesses. So do not be afraid of people, because to communicate and make friends - it is useful and interesting.


Increase self-confidence can be very simple,but effective exercise. Every morning, going to work, highlight 5 minutes to praise themselves and admire them. Stand in front of a mirror and say that you look lovely you the best and most beautiful girl in the world that you are waiting for a great day full of happy events that you attract to yourself. All doors are open just for you! Such cheerful morning setting not only give you confidence, but also lift your spirits and cheerfulness and optimism for the whole day.

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