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How to become emotional

How to become emotional

Excessive emotionality may prevent youto make decisions and to control some of their words and actions. However, lack of emotion is capable of a negative impact on self-perception and relationship with others.

Expand the ability to feel better and other people can be when to work on them.



Pay attention to their own emotions. It is important to capture the feelings that you are experiencing, and to understand why they occur. Ignoring or suppressing your own emotions can greatly hinder the self-understanding.


Take the first steps to understanding other people: Learn to listen and observe. Do not think out of the others. So you project them on their world. To develop emotional intelligence, it is necessary to take someone else's view of the world, or at least aspire to this decision.


Try greater contact with people, to establish with them a strong emotional connection. Do not be afraid to open the soul to the people who you value.


Locate self-expression in art. Hobbies help you not only grow in any skill or mastery. like Passion can bring your emotions to a new level, to teach you to better understand yourself.


Do not be afraid to appear weak or vulnerableman. Sometimes feelings of the individual hides even from himself, to save the mask tightness. Note that this behavior is not only prevents full, happy life, but also have a negative effect on your body.


Watch the drama and melodrama, and readsentimental literature. Perhaps watching the experiences and feelings of the characters, you will spend the parallels with their own lives and uncover themselves in those emotions that were deeply hidden. And remember that there is no shame in that cry during a touching movie or reading a very sad book.


Communicate with children. Their spontaneity can teach you how to become emotional. Watching as the kids do not hesitate to express their feelings and desires, how they understand and accept their own emotions, you can also find a way to your heart.


Get a pet. Living next door to a playful kitten and funny puppy can affect your mind previously unknown feelings, learn to enjoy without cause and appreciate the simple contact with a pet.


Take an extreme sport. Perhaps to awaken your emotions, needs just such a push. Parachute jump, visit the climbing wall, the development of diving, surfing or other sports will help you take a fresh look at the life and shake you.

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